Beverly D. Allen
Christian Author, Teacher,
Women's Conference Speaker



Compassionate, inspiring and nurturing…Beverly D. Allen. This phenomenal woman has not only been a trailblazer for women in ministry, she is a living epistle for aspiring leaders in the 21st century. A prolific preacher, she evangelizes and teaches having studied at Alliance Theological Seminary located in Nyack, NY. Her primary purpose is to empower women to not only identify who they are, but who they belong to as well. She teaches the importance of self-respect, self-care and finding love of self. Beverly believes that the love of God and love of self are the necessary ingredients to define purpose and destiny.

Beverly is adept at being relatable. This gifting is truly manifested through her writings. As an author of four projects centered around women, each writing helps a woman to see herself in Scripture and sparking hope that one’s present conditions does not have to define their future. The books No Man's Concubine: Tell the Concubine She Was Meant to Be a Queen, Saved & Beautiful, Good Women in Bad Situations and The Grace That Awaits Them are resource tools that transcends time. Her book  Covenant Dating: The Biblical Path to Marriage is a must read for all individuals contemplating marriage.

As a wife, mother and grandmother who endured the struggles associated with single parenting at one point in her life, she understands the unique challenges that face women today. It is her hope that people are exposed to the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ because she knows that in Him and because of His grace, lives will be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

View clips from several events where Beverly was the speaker.

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