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Young women typically had the daily chore of drawing water from wells to supply the family household. Although the primary function of wells in ancient Israel was to supply water for the household, the centralized, open location of wells allowed them to serve as social gathering places. As the women drew from the well, they could talk to other women, some older and some younger, share their daily experiences or struggles or uncertainties about marriage, a life raising children, how to build a healthy home environment, and how to live as godly women.
The women went to the well twice daily, usually at dawn and at dusk. The Gospel of John 4:7-29 gives us the account of one woman, the Samaritan woman, who was not attending at the hours most women gathered to draw from the deep well because of her past and current situation. Her times were after the hours of the other women, for it was the sixth hour, which was about 12:00 noon. The Samaritan woman was not able to engage with other women at the well as it appears, she was an outcast because of her past record and her present living arrangements; though she was looking for the Messiah and worshipped God in the only way she knew. Whether she was withdrawn by her own convictions or an outcast by the convictions of others, it is not certain. But she was not comfortable going to the Well at the same time others would and have social conversations. Her present condition was only understood by one, Jesus Christ the righteous Savior and redeemer, who had “need to go through Samaria,” the avoided route toward Galilee by the religious Jews. Her inability to get to the well with others, left her with many unanswered questions of her Faith and separated from those she possibly could get answers from. Because of her timing to draw from the well she was left alone, isolated, unsupported, which probably left her discouraged and lonely.
When women are not able to gather unto the “WELL” of living waters of life, the Word of God, the place of necessity that will enhance their lives, build their faith, solidify relationships, help grow and provide the greatest remedy for our Faith, weakness of soul and spirit will occur and cause one to slowly slip into darkness.

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No woman, who professes the love of Christ, should be isolated because of her struggles as she walks out her life of Faith. Iron sharpens iron and we who profess to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, ought to be able to strengthen our sisterhood instead of criticizing and shaming each other publicly or privately. We have the ministry of reconciliation and need to fight to keep the weakest of our sisters and brothers connected to the cleansing “water of the WORD” of God (Eph. 5:26).
Jesus did the unexpected of his disciples, He had a conversation with the woman from a people who the Jews rejected, and explained the Word to her that gave revelation to her misunderstanding of worship and the Word of God. It is said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. While it is imperative to tell people about “SIN & HELL” it is equally important to continually tell them about Jesus’ Love and Forgiveness and encourage them never to give up, never to quit because the consequences are too great!

It is the prayerful intent of “THE WELL AFTER HOURS” to provide a well, a safe gathering place, where the Well of Living Waters of the Word will spring forth allowing women to engage in conversations on topics pertaining to our lives here on earth as we prepare to meet Jesus and be with him eternally in HEAVEN.
Women are the head of many households in these trying times and are facing many challenges. Although we are not all at the same spiritual level at the same time, we all need encouragement and we all need to go to the Well for strength, one of the necessities of life. The Church of the living God is washed and cleansed by the living Word of God. Women need the Word applied to their everyday lives. We must draw from it and carry it to our homes, our places of employment, our social gatherings, our churches, our institutions and every area involving life.
Let’s create wells where women can drink from, and be redeemed, refreshed, revived, renewed, reconciled, encouraged, fortified, and strengthened to help the Lord’s Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

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